Aside from neck and calves, the muscles get exposed to the world most of the time are wrists and forearms. Some lucky gymmers get a nice wrist and forearms by just practicing with kettlebells or weights. The other must work really hard to improve their thin, skinny and weak forearm but it is not always effective due to the lack of focused muscles exercises and equipment.

A2ZCare Wrist and Forearm Roller (or Forearm Blaster) can help you reduce your concern.

New model decrease many disadvantages of the old ones:

– PVC Handle help endurance the wrist roller through years and easy to clean. Rough surface gives a firmer grip.

– Heavy gauge steel bar construction assure the wrist roller and forearm roller not to be cracked or broken as well as slip while working out with heavy weight plate.

-Durable and safe adjustable nylon straps.

– Fit all 1-inch standard weight plates

– Support up to 100 lbs

GREAT REHABILITATION EQUIPMENTS to strengthen wrists and forearms for building muscles and creating power for wrist and forearm training as well as improve performance in many sports such as golf, baseball, tennis, wrestling and so on.

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