This product comes in four different sizes (16-14-12 inches, 20-18-16 inches, 24-20-16 inches,  and 30-24-20 in.) making it customizable for any home gym. A plyo box can be a versatile piece for your space: You can use it for box jumps, step-ups, weighted step-ups, elevated push-ups, and much more!

The Synergee Non-Slip Plyo Box is made out of plywood and coated in a non-slip PVC material that can hold up to 450 pounds. The wood is three-quarters of an inch thick, and to provide added stability the boxes (with the exception of the 16-14-12 inch box), all come with inner supports.

The coating material and design helps divert sweat from staying on the box while you are working out, reducing your risk of an injury to slipping. This sleek, black box is a great addition to any gym.


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