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Fittbum.com is the premier online resource for those that train at home. Whether you have a garage gym, home gym, basement gym, backyard gym, or any other variation, our goal is to provide you with the information and motivation you need to continue doing so at an optimal level.

The site was founded by Cooper Mitchell (also known as Coop) in 2014. The site has gone through four iterations, each one becoming more complex and comprehensive. The site you’re currently navigating has been custom built from the ground floor and is the result of overt passion and seeing a need in the market.

At Fittbum.com, we specialize in providing unbiased, in-depth articles on everything fitness related. In addition, we offer the ability for users to build their own setup and show it off to the community. Fittbum.com Owners train at home, but that doesn’t mean they’re alone in the efforts.

Work With Us

This is a fantastic place to work. We spend our days testing fitness equipment, talking about exercise, and above all, connecting people to the tools they need to meet their health goals.

You can learn more about our company and view our open positions on our careers page.

Our Reviews

We pride ourselves on following rigorous journalistic standards and ethics, striving to cut through the marketing hype to determine whether a product is worth your hard-earned dollars or not.

We regularly get sent products for review – our garage gym and training facility is constantly in flux, with new gear cycling in constantly. We try, under nearly all circumstances, to give products at least a month of testing before writing our review.

It doesn’t matter who manufactured the equipment, every review discusses both the strengths and weaknesses including a “Suggested Improvements” section at the bottom of every review.

How Are We Able To Operate The Site?

As you’ll see displayed throughout the site, the growth of Garage Gym Reviews was allowed by our readers. The way you support us is by purchasing through our independently chosen links, which earns us a commission.

If you’ve ever found benefit through our site, we would greatly appreciate you making purchases through the links listed on our site. This allows us to earn a commission as well as show companies that our readers value our opinions, causing them to make improvements to their products.

We greatly appreciate your involvement in this community.

What If Something I Want To Review Or Own Isn’t On Your Site?

Email or message us to let us know and we’ll get it added to the site.

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